10 Essential oils For your Hair Treatment in a natural way

Manipura Ayurveda

Hair fall, thinning hair, itchy scalp, dry hair, dermatitis, and stopped hair growth. so now you searching for solutions for these hair problems issues. Good, this article is completely for you. In this article, we showing how you handling these kinds of hair-related problems in one of the natural ways by using essential oils for your hair. 

In this era, we all know about essential oil, aromatherapy. However, this special oil has numerous benefits such as being used in various hair issues and also supporting hair growth. 

Basically, hair complication is started for different reasons like the genetic problem, hormones, climate change and many using chemical products. However, lets us find how we repair and maintain using organic oils. 

  1. Lavender essential oil for your hair growth 

Lavender oil is narrated to have antibacterial and antifungal components. This aid helps to maintain your hair follicles and improving your scalp. A study shows us the temporary application of the lavender oil five-time every week in a month that gave positive results like increased the number of hair follicles, decrease in the inflammatory cells, even increased in the thickness of the dermal layer. 

  1. Lemongrass essential oil for your hair straightening

The temporary application of lemongrass essential oil on the scalp is known to strengthen your hair and also restorative your hair growth. It has anti-fungal and anti-bactiraial features. It’s given relief for itchy scalp and dry scalp or hair. It’s mostly recommended for those who have a dandruff issue. It maximum of 7-14 days of regular temporary usage and get a positive result.  

  1. Ylang Ylang essential oil for making your hair smooth 

Ylang ylang essential oil is the most beneficial essential oil. especially for those who had rough, fragile, and dry hair. You would also know that having a dry and rough hair stand is the most common cause of hair disruption. The temporary use of ylang-ylang essential oil is known to improve stimulate sebum production. This oil helps to turn improves the texture of the hair strengths. This oil has antiseptic features that can help you to reduce eliminate lice and nits. 

  1. Peppermint essential oil for your oily scalp

Firstly you should know peppermint oil belongs to the mint family. This feature helps to increase your circulation in the place you use this oil. This oil basically helps you for improving your hair growth and hair shafts present in the growing place. This oil also helps incite scalp and diminishes dandruff solutions, it supports your hair’s healthy growths. 

  1. Tea tree essential oil for Removing Dandruff

Tea tree essential oil disallows the formation of excess oil in the scalp. It also eliminates the collection of dead cells as well as control and build-up of hair product Remnants. Dandruff formation is the cause of your hair growth reduction. Tea tree oil is also known to repair many complications like scalp eczema.

  1. Orange Essential oil for your dry scalp 

Orange essential oil help to fill the rich vitamin -c content it holds into your scalp as well. This oil best works against your hair thinning and dry scalp issues. It also delivers a fruity scent to your hair and makes your hair fresh. We recommend using this oil with honey, the temporary application of this oil can restore and moisture fulfilled and blanched your hair PH level. And also balance the production of vital natural oil that is needed for your healthy hair growth. 

  1. Bergamot Essential oil for you hair Glossiness

 When you feel your hair lost radiance and look too dull, well this oil is best for you. Bergamot essential oil rebuilds your hair look and provides glossiness and shiny hair. Along with this, it can even strengthen your hair follicles and hair growths. It reduces the loss of your hair and also supports healthy and glowing hair and scalp. 

  1. Eucalyptus essential oil for your dry and itchy scalp

Eucalyptus has many medical benefits, temporary application of this oil can nourish your hair and cheer for your hair growth. Also reduces itchy flakes and aside dryness. This oil holds antiseptic features that reduce lice and nits from the hair shafts. It also healing injured place on your scalp 

  1. Pine Essential oil for Dandruff Resistance

This essential oil holds antimicrobial properties that aid in resistance to bacterial formation. even it reduces dead cells dirt that could not help you to grown healthy hair. It also helps you to maintain your hair moisture content and hair follicles. It’s resistant to the onset of dandruff. 

  1. Cinnamon essential oil for scalp stimulation 

This essential oil mainly uses for reducing dandruff. This oil is mixed in a carrier oil and uses for hair growth and also gets cleansing hair roots. Adding a drop of cinnamon essential oil to your regular shampoo helps to nourish your hair. However, this essential oil also had scientific evidence for hair problem eliminations. 

How to use these essential oils? 

Based on the quality of your hair choose the right carrier oil, like those who have oily hair use carrier oil like apricot kernel, sweet almond, and grapeseed oil. For dry hair use carrier oil like coconut, shea, and avocado oil. 

In carrier oil, you can also use sesame oil. It works for all hair types. Take 2-3 drops of desired oil or blend it well with a carrier oil. Use small quantities of the oil around your scalp, and massage following circular motions. You could either rinse the oil after 3-4 hours after application or leave it for the whole night and rinse it the next day. 

Even you could use this essential oil’s in your regular shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask also. 

Essential oils also have side effects. So it’s necessary to be aware of side effects. So never use essential oil directly. remember first consult your physicians then use these. Pregnant women and children should be aware of using essential oil.   

So choose organic therapeutic grade essential oil, first research the brand and company well after purchasing. Manipura Ayurveda Essential oils are made of different plant-like flowers, roots, fruits, and leaves. They provide pure therapeutic and essential oil qualities. They are 100% natural.