Sandalwood - Air Freshener

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Sandalwood Air Freshener

General Info

Used extensively for religious purposes, sandalwood is also highly sought after in the artistry of perfumery for its pure soothing fragrance. Welcome the heavenly smell to your house with our sandalwood air freshener. Soothing and calming in nature, this particular variant of fragrance is brought to you in its purest form keeping all the natural elements intact. It will fill the air in your house or office with a divine smell and drive all your worries and stress away.


  • Drives away musty smell
  • Rejuvenates circulating air with freshness
  • Induces heavenly, spiritual feelings
  • Promotes concentration
  • Alleviates emotional distraction
  • Creates serene ambience
  • Calms the disturbed mind
  • Excellent for meditation

How to Use

Shake the bottle well before spraying. Spray twice to thrice and let the air freshener set through the air. Eventually, the smell will diffuse and the captivating aroma will embrace the place.


Made from 100% natural elements, this product can be used without worries of allergic reactions. Yet, we would recommend a test spray before usage. Put the nozzle away from your eyes or mouth. Use externally only. Keep away from flames and children.


1.How to apply?

Ans: Just spray the sandalwood air freshener in your room according to the size of the room. Let the citrus smell diffuse through the air, fill your room and embrace you completely.

2.What are the benefits of sandalwood air freshener?

Ans: It helps to increase induces heavenly, spiritual feelings. It promotes concentration and also alleviates emotional distraction. In every atmosphere it creates serene ambience. Also it is excellent for disturbed mind's meditation.

3.How much effective is this?

Ans: It is an aroma fragrance which will helps like an aromatherapy. It brings freshness and gives people surroundings the much-needed transformation.

4.One bottle stays for how long?

Ans: It depends on how much user use the product.

5.What are the restrictions of the product?

Ans: Air fresheners can be used without any worries of allergic reactions. Yet, we would recommend a test spray before usage. Put the nozzle away from your eyes or mouth. Keep it away from children and from the flames.

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