Skin Tag - Roll On (Signature Series)

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Skin Tag Roll On- Signature Series

Take Out Tags and Smoothen Thy Skin

Are skin tags wearing you down? Smoothen your skin and get rid of unwanted tags with the goodness of aromatic essential oils.

General Info

Skin tags, the flesh-colored growth on skin, do not harm you physically except if it gets brushed off by clothes or jewellery and bleed. But these often lead to low self esteem. Besides, who does not desire smooth flawless skin? Gift yourself a painless skin tag removal solution that is infused with the extracts of lemon, clove, lavender, basil, tea tree, frankincense and rosemary and see your skin glow from within.

When to use

You can use the skin tag roll on any time of the day- preferably after a shower.

How to use

Simply roll it on the areas where the skin tags have appeared. Use it twice a day for getting the best results.


  • Lemon and basil are excellent sources of antioxidants that rejuvenate your skin
  • The essential oil of cloves reduces swelling
  • Rosemary helps in drying off the tags and their removal
  • Anti-inflammatory property of tea tree oil reduces tags
  • The perfect blend smoothens and makes your skin glow


1. How to apply?

Ans. Roll the product directly over the skin where u have the skin tag .

2. Is it oily or non sticky?

Ans. Yes, its non sticky, though base of the liquid is essential oil, but after applying of 5-7 seconds it will automatically absorb to the skin.

3.when can be used the roll on a day?

Ans. There is no particular time to use it. But try to used at least twice a day for better result.

4. Does it have any side effects?

Ans. Usually don't have, as all the products are made with pure essential oils , But if any itchiness or rashes happens after using, kindly please stop using it. we always suggest for a patch test before using the same.

5. One roll on will stays for how long?

Ans. It depends how much area you are using , skin type ,As it comes 10ml, & for using twice in a day. Usually it stays for 20 -30 days.

6. How does it work?

Ans. The roll on oils are made with a mixture of various types of  pure  essential oils according to the needs. So whenever your skin absorb the oil it will start working automatically.

7. How to use the roll on?

Ans. Just need to open the cap & roll it on that area where you have the skin tag.

8. Is it can be used directly to the skin?

Ans. Yes, roll ons are made to be used directly to your skin.

9. How much days we need to use to get full results?

Ans. it depends on the skin type usually it takes 15 to 20 days(as per the user feedback).

10. Does it need any medical consultation to use the therapeutic roll ons?

Ans. Usually it doesn't need. As aromatherapy is a holistic science more that 5000 years documented therapy. But its upto the user choice of the individual and can consult physician.

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