Rose - Body & Bath Oil

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Rose Body and Bath Oil

General Info

Rose is one flower that has long been acknowledged for its impeccable beauty and irresistible smell. Poets and authors have never been short of comparing a beloved with the rose. But there is more to the rose than only beauty and fragrance. The oil extracted from the dried and treated rose petals are extremely beneficial both from medicinal and health aspects. The fragrant oil has been found to possess physiological and psychological benefits. Thus, from healing the skin to relieving stress- rose bath and body oil can be a solution to all of your problems. Befriend one today!


  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Has as anti-ageing property and helps reduce wrinkles
  • Balances hormones
  • Heals bacterial and fungal infections
  • Alleviates depressive mood
  • Helps heal scars fast
  • Effective in pain management, especially, in post-operative cases
  • Reduces menstrual pain

How to Use

Massage a considerable amount of oil on your body before or after taking a bath. Rub it well on your body parts and inhale the fragrance at the same time to let the aromatherapy do its work. The Ayurvedic benefits of the oil make it usable on infants and kids as well.


Take a small amount of the oil on the back of your hand and rub it. See if any redness or inflammation occurs. If not, apply on your whole body without any fear of allergic reactions.


1.How to apply?

ÃAns: Apply 4-6 drops of the bath oil into the palm of you hand and massage it on your whole body before or after taking bath. Make sure to massage it gently on your body so that the richness of the oil penetrates your skin layers. Rub it well ensure on your body parts and inhale the fragrance at the same time to let the aromatherapy do its work. Its also can be used as spa therapy.

2.Is it oily or non-sticky?

Ans: The base of the oil is purely blended essential oil. It is non-sticky as your skin will absorb the oil within 5-7 seconds.

3.One bottle will stays for how long?

Ans: Basically it depends on how much you are using. But usually it stays for 30 days.

4.Does it can be used as daily basis?

Ans: Yes, as it works like an aromatherapy and gives you stress free relaxation, so use it for daily basis to get better experience.

5.What are the benefits of rose bath & body oil?

Ans: It helps to keep skin hydrated also promotes blood circulation. It has anti-ageing property and helps to reduce wrinkles. It helps to balance hormones. It heals bacterial and fungal infections. Also its effective in pain management, especially in post-operative cases and reduces menstrual pain.

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