Citronella - Reed Diffuser Oil (S)

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Citronella Reed Diffuser Oil

General Info

Citronella, a plant of the grass family, possesses an exceptional smell which is citrusy as well as sweet. Full of physical and medicinal benefits, citronella oil is popular for its antimicrobial properties. The grass plant is subjected to a thorough distillation process and the essential oil is extracted from it which then gives off the floral citrus-like fragrance. We bring to you citronella diffuser oil with 8 reed sticks in an aristocratic glass bottle. It lasts long and the bottle adds to the interior décor of your home or workplace at the same time.


Creates a fresh and relaxing ambience in the house

Keeps mosquitoes, flies and other unwanted insects away

Kills pathogenic airborne bacteria

Acts as an antifungal agent

Lifts your mood from depression or other emotional instability

Helps relieve fatigue and tiredness

Kills parasites

Has a long-lasting, soothing effect

How to Use

Keep the reed sticks in the diffuser oil and flip them occasionally. You may keep a few reeds after every few days or put all at once into the oil container. Either way, the soothing effect will remain the same. At normal room temperature, one unit of diffuser oil will last months. The purity of the product ensures it is safe for children also.


We use 100% natural ingredients to prepare the citronella reed diffuser oil. Therefore, there is no chance of allergies or adversities. Yet, we would recommend you breathe in a little aroma of the oil before putting in the sticks and ensure you have no problem to it.

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