Green Apple - Reed Diffuser Oil (S)

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Green Apple Reed Oil

General Info

Known widely for its nutritional benefits, a green apple is also a rich source of essential oil. This oil, when diffused with reeds, mixes with the air molecules and works its way to freshen it up. As a result, the ambience of your home gets transformed and your mind is rejuvenated magically. A natural barrier to the airborne pathogens, green apple oil brings the bliss of good health in your home. We present this amazing gift of nature to you in a beautiful glass bottle with eight reed sticks dipped inside. Get one for yourself and fill up your senses with the fresh fruity fragrance of green apple reed diffuser oil.


Effective against a number of microbes

Helps relieve delusions and depression

Freshens air with a fruity smell

Gives relief from normal headache and migraine pain

Helps alleviate tension or shock

Reduces insomnia and helps you sleep better

Has a calming effect

Uplifts your mood and makes you feel better

Helps combat stress and tiredness

Revitalizes body and mind

How to Use

Put the bottle of green apple reed diffuser oil anywhere you want in your home. Keep the reed sticks dipped in the oil and flip them occasionally. You can either put a few sticks for a few days or put all the sticks at a time. Use in the children’s room too. The fragrance doesn’t cause any discomfort.


We take utmost care so that the product does not affect you adversely. It is made from 100% natural ingredients. Yet we would recommend a brief breathing-in test before using.

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