Lavendar - Reed Diffuser Oil (R)

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Lavender Reed Oil

General Info

No range of fragrant products is complete without the inclusion of lavender. The purple flower grown extensively in the Mediterranean region is rich in essential oil. This essential oil is again full of medicinal and health benefits. Collected from the flower spikes through the process of distillation, the lavender oil is extensively used in medicines and perfumery alike. Bring home the lavender aroma in diffuser oil form. We present it to you in a beautiful glass bottle with reed sticks to be dipped in it. Embrace the fragrance as it makes way through the air and works its magic on your body and mind.


Purifies the air

Has anti-inflammatory properties

Helps you get rid of irritating mood

Relieves depression and anxiety

Gives home a refreshing uplift

Helps improve nausea and vomiting

Treats restlessness

Helps you get rid of insomnia and sleep better

Has antifungal properties

How to Use

Keep the bottle at any place of your choice in your home- be it your drawing room or the kids’ room. You can also use it in your office. Dip the sticks in the oil, a few at a time or all at once. Flip the sticks occasionally. Slowly and steadily the aroma will diffuse into the circulating air leaving a soothing trail behind.


All our products are made from 100% natural ingredients. No chemical or synthetic items are used. Hence, allergic reactions are not to arise in any circumstances. Still, we recommend that you breathe a little amount in and see if the smell is causing you to sneeze.

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