Rose - Reed Diffuser Oil

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Rose Reed Diffuser Oil

General Info

Rose has more to it than only love and romanticism. Rose essential oil is rich in medicinal properties that have found extensive use in Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and many other alternative modes of treatments. From acting as an aphrodisiac to anti-depressant, rose has it all up its sleeve. The wellness is best felt when the essential oil molecules diffuse into the circulating air to reach your senses. So, we have brought to you rose reed diffuser oil with eight reed sticks. Give your interiors an uplift in a slow and steady way with the most preferred aroma across the globe.


Helps you get rid of migraine pain

Gives relief from normal headaches

Has an aphrodisiac effect

Lifts depressive moods

Helps tackle menopausal symptoms like irritability

Refreshes interior air

Makes you feel relaxed and free from anxiety

Controls blood pressure and induces relaxation

Regulates breathing

How to Use

Put the bottle in any corner of your home. The aroma is perfect for use in commercial spaces also. Put the reed sticks dipped into the diffuser oil bottle. Put them all at once or put only a few at a time. Just remember to flip them from time to time.


We use 100% natural ingredients for preparing the aromatherapy products and see to it that they do not cause any harm to you. Yet, we would suggest you breathe in a little aroma to see if you are experiencing any sneezing or other allergic reactions. If not, carry on using them without worries.

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