Ceramic Diffuser - E : MA-E005s

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  • Material : Ceramic
  • Operate : Electric
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About Ceramic Electric Diffuser

This is ceramic Electric Diffuser with attached Electric Mirchi Bulb Fitting, Water bowl capacity is 15-20 ml approx and works for 2-3 hours approx.

Plug in the electric aroma oil diffuser, pour about 2 tablespoons of water into shallow dish, drop in about 20-25 drops of Manipura Ayurveda essential oil into the water. Light up the bulb, with the heat of the bulb water starts getting evaporating. In a few minutes, you will feel the aromatic fragrance. The purpose of the water is to aid in the diffusion of aromatic particles as the heated water turns to vapor. Also, the addition of the water prevents the aroma oil from the burning at the bottom of the dish. Diffusers can be used any where like hone, office, reception, spas, hotels as it is used for decoration along with aroma diffuser.


refill the bowl with oil and water immediately when it gets empty. Keep out of reach of children and do not touch the surface when lit, can get very hot! Place the diffuser on heat resistance surface.


1. Why should people pick a diffuser?

Ans: An essential oil diffuser is also known as an aromatherapy diffuser. It disperses essential oil into the air and fills the area with natural fragrance. To any one of you individually, the benefits may vary, but since we always put safety first, using essential oil diffusers is a safer option than lit candles or burning incense.

2.How does it work?

Ans: Plug in the electric aroma oil diffuser, pour water into the shallow dish, drop in about 10-15 drops of manipura ayurveda essential oil into the water. Light up the bulb. With the heat of the bulb, water will start getting evaporate. In a few minutes, you will feel the aromatic fragrance.

3.Is it fine to leave a diffuser on all night?

Ans: Yes, as it is an aromatherapy. It will help you to give relief from stress, also improves sleep. So using essential oil diffuser on all over night will be great.

4.What is the size of small electric aroma diffuser?

Ans: The electric ceramic big aroma diffuser comes 6 inch.

5.Is the electric diffuser bulb changeable?

Ans: Yes, the bulb can be replaced by you if any damage happens.

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