Eucalyptus - Reed Diffuser Oil (R)

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Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser Oil

General Info

Eucalyptus oil extracted from bark and leaves of the tree with the same name has myriad uses. Its exceptional ability to heal wounds has made it a favourite with people all over the world. It has a distinctive smell that is sweet and camphoraceous at the same time. We bring to you eucalyptus reed diffuser oil in its purest form. The slow and steady diffusion of the natural fragrance into the circulating air at your home or office space has a magical transformative effect. Eight reed sticks and a rectangular corked bottle make a pack of eucalyptus reed diffuser oil from the House of Manipura Ayurveda.


Purifies and cleanses the air

Induces freshness in the room

Removes foul odour

Keeps mosquitoes and flies away

Has antiseptic qualities

Gives relief from the symptoms of cold and headache

Clears respiratory tract and relieves asthma

Eases sore and tired muscles

Relieves stress and induces better sleep

How to Use

Keep the reed sticks dipped into the diffuser oil. You can use new sticks after every few days or put all the sticks at once- as you wish. Flip the sticks occasionally. Use in your room, office space, dining or drawing-room. It can be used in the presence of children also without worrying about allergy.


Made from 100% natural elements, the eucalyptus reed diffuser oil can be used even if you have strong allergies to smell and fragrances. Yet we would recommend you do a brief Aroma Breathing Test before starting to use it regularly at your home.

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